You Stole My Baby Name ...for Your Dog!

This mama's ticked that her "best friend" snagged her fave baby name for her slobbery pooch!

Dear BFF,

WTH???? You stole my baby's name and gave it to your DOG? You knew I wanted to name my son Henry. You've always known that I wanted to name my son Henry. I've had that name reserved for years. When we found out the sex I told you again that we were planning on using that name, and a month before I give birth you announce that your "baby's" name is Henry?? (BTW, I can't stand when people call their animals their "babies".)

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And then to add insult to injury you have the nerve to inform me that you won't be upset if I still use it? You're giving me permission? Gee, thanks. Like I want my son to share his name with your overweight, drooling, pooping-on-the-street pug! Like I want to be over at your house, call my son, and have your mangy mutt come running. So thank you, but no, I'll find a new name. But you should know that this is not something I'm going to forgive or forget for a looooong time.

LEO's Mommy

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