Your Family Secrets Will Change How We Feel About You

The one woman in my life that I really wish I could have spent more time talking to is my Grandmother. It's kind of sad, that by the time we realize how important the information is that our Grandparents have, they are often gone. My Grandmother used to tell me lots of stories about living in Germany and her life as a child. I listened to a little bit, but probably tuned out 75% of what she said. Now I wish I had listened

After my Grandmother died, I found out a lot "family secrets," that I'm sure she didn't want us to know for fear we may think differently of her. Well, it did change how I thought of her.

I realized how strong she was for going through what she did.

I realized how difficult her life was and in spite of that all, she still had a positive outlook on life.

I realized that my Grandmother was a generous woman who wanted to keep all the hardships of her life in the past so as to not burden her children and grandchildren with her problems.

I am fortunate that my Mom is still here to confirm all those half stories I remember. I realize now how important it is to listen to the stories of our past, enjoy the present and not worry too much about the future.

I'm not sure if I ever really thanked my Grandmother. I just hope that she knew how much we did care even if we didn't listen very well. It was only because the past didn't seem important when we didn't have much of a past of our own.

Thank you, Grandma!

Photo from Microsoft Images.