The Youth of America. Part 1

This is my first time blogging, but I believe this topic is well known. What our children are getting into these days. I do not have any of my own, but what I see is truly horrifying. These girls no bigger than 16 are wearing shorts, SO short, that when they bend over, you can see their bottoms and panties. I am more worried for their safety than their fashion. They wear the skimpiest of clothes and think that it is okay. If they have "dated" more than one guy in a month, people will label them as sluts! If they spend more time on their phone than they do with family, I would personally feel like I did something wrong as a parent. To make them completely ignore their own flesh and blood for a plastic box is terrible. One of the most horrific things I have seen is their make-up. They put on more make-up than clowns do! Of course young girls can experiment with make-up but only to emphasize their natural beauty. Our young girls will grow up to be amazing women. But we need to steer them on the right path. Let them have their freedom of expression, but keep it in limits.