10 Cheetah Cubs Born in Virginia

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

This cub is one of 10 baby cheetahs born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Va. …The animal care team at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia is seeing spots this month with a cheetah baby boom.

First-time mom Miti gave birth to seven cubs on Nov. 12. Although one sadly didn't make it, five females and one male survived. Two weeks later, experienced mom Ally had a litter of four cubs at SCBI, which is affiliated with the National Zoo.

Pictures: Three Cheetah Cubs Provide Triple the Cuteness

Although the animal care team hasn't yet been able to fully examine the younger cubs and determine their gender, they say all of the little arrivals are doing well. The staff is tracking how the moms and babies are doing via closed-circuit web cams in their enclosures. - Read it and see photos from the National Zoo

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