10 Reasons Mutts Are Awesome

Image:dogboxstudio/via ShutterstockBring on the mixed breeds ...

The largest percentage of dogs euthanized in shelters is medium to large mixed breed dogs. We think it's a ridiculous figure, since we all know that mutts, or "blends" as we like to say, are awesome! Here are the top ten reasons why mixed breed dogs rule.

#10 They are unique

Parents of mixed-breed dogs know, the number one question people ask is "what kind of dog is that?" This is usually followed by lots of admiring, cuddling, and conjecture. And even though the question may go unanswered, one-of-a-kind mixed breed dogs love the attention.

#9 They are more flexible
Because they are not bred with a specific skill set in mind, such as herding or hunting, mixed breeds are though to adjust easily to to a variety of households and living conditions. They're the jacks of all trades!

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#8 They can still compete Think you need a purebred in order to enter dog competitions? Think again! Mixed breeds can compete in agility competitions through groups like the NADAC, amongst others. Unique sizes and temperaments may give them an edge, too. One top dog, named Tucker, is a Rat Terrier/ Boston Terrier mix who likes to stay close to his dog mom's heels, making him an ideal agility dog.

#7 They make great service dogs Being trained as a service or therapy dog is no longer limited to just purebreds. Mixed breeds are equally as awesome and capable in this regard. For instance most dogs with Assistance Dogs International are mixed-breed rescue dogs. They must be friendly and people oriented.

#6 Housetraining is provided

Many mixed breeds found in shelters did belong to someone before - people who couldn't keep them due to allergies, or moving homes, or for some other reason. Because of this, many mixed breed shelter dogs come already potty- and housetrained. A definite plus towards their awesomeness!

#5 You can skip the puppy stage

While many pet owners cherish the puppy stage, there are others who just don't have the time and patience to train a new puppy. With a mutt from the shelter, you have the choice of adopting a young or adult dog over a baby. In these cases, the dog's size and temperament will already be pretty set, too, so there will be no surprises in that regard.

#4 They have fewer health issues

There are some people who claim mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebreds. While this isn't proven, and every dog is an individual with his own needs and strengths, it is known that certain purebreds are more prone to specific illnesses. Mixed breed dogs are thought to be less likely to develop hereditary illnesses, due to gene variation.

#3 They have cheaper start-up costs

Many shelters only require a $50 to $200 donation in order for you to adopt a dog. Purebred dogs can run up to and over $1,000. Plus, a mixed breed from the shelter is likely spayed or neutered and is up-to-date on vaccinations, which will save you even more money.

#2 You're saving a life
A mixed breed dog living at a shelter has a high chance of being euthanized. Adopting one means you are directly saving a life, a fact your grateful new dog will not soon forget. #1 Their awesomeness is contagious

#1 Their awesomeness is contagious
A mixed breed dog is for the adventurer in all of us. They don't have a specific temperament that has been honed through strict breeding practices over a long period of time. With a mixed breed, a puppy especially, you can appreciate the spontaneity and grow with your new pet. You'll be even more awesome for it!

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