11 Best Dog Breeds for Finding a Date

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Looking for the perfect four-legged wingman/wingwoman to help you find a date in time for Valentine's Day?

Take a look at these fun-loving, personable dog breeds that are sure to be conversation starters at the dog park, pet store or walking down the street.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
An energetic and friendly breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a trustworthy companion that adapts easily to fit its owner's lifestyle, said American Kennel Club spokesperson Lisa Peterson. Easy to train and thrives as a part of the family, this tiny pup will be at home in the city or in the country.
"This breed readily goes up to people with its tail wagging looking for pats [and] would be great for a shy dater," Peterson explained.

Old English Sheepdog
An intelligent and athletic breed, the Old English Sheepdog originated as a sheep and cattle herder in major city markets and continues to love working and being active. An adaptable and intelligent breed with an even disposition, Old English Sheepdogs are affectionate with their families but may try to herd people-including your date-and other objects, Peterson shared. Their massive coat requires regular grooming and can be a great conversation piece with someone new.

Irish Setter
Another high-energy breed with a clownish personality, the Irish Setter can be easily distinguished by its long, glossy red coat and exceptional sporting skills. They're a family-favorite whose outgoing natures can't help but catch someone's attention, according to Peterson.

Bernese Mountain Dog via Shutterstock Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle, easygoing and love being around people. Originally from mountainous regions, the breed's strength, agility and intelligence coat helped it perform drafting and droving work and today makes it an excellent dog for agility, therapy and herding activities. "Self-confident, alert and good-natured, the Bernese Mountain Dog is never sharp or shy," Peterson said. "Its beautiful, plush coat just begs for a hug!"

A powerful dog and instinctive guardian, Boxers have succeeded as wartime couriers, boar baiters and seeing-eye dogs. They love to be with their people and have a strong desire for human affection, especially from children, and would definitely enjoy the attention and petting from a prospective date, Peterson explained.

One of the most popular breeds in America, the Dachshund is known for its long body, short legs and friendly personality. A lively and playful breed with three different coat varieties-smooth, wirehaired or longhaired-the Dachshund's small size makes it an ideal fit for many homes. The breed also has a keen sense of smell, which Peterson suggests may be helpful in sniffing out a great date for their owner.

Cairn Terrier via Shutterstock Cairn Terrier
A small, hardy dog with a passion for working, the Cairn Terrier is active, alert and friendly. With a weather-resistant coat that can be any color except white, movie aficionados will recognize this breed in The Wizard of Oz. Cairn Terriers love their families, Peterson shared, but may test their owner's limits, making obedience training and regular exercise a necessity. On the bright side, those trips to puppy kindergarten and the dog park will be sure to get you out there meeting new people.

German Shorthaired Pointer
An intelligent, athletic breed, the German Shorthaired Pointer makes a loyal watchdog for active families. A sporting dog used for trailing, retrieving and pointing a variety of game including quail, raccoons and deer, GSPs have a strong build and even temperament. With an energy level that requires plenty of daily exercise, you'll be spending plenty of time outdoors to connect with similarly active people and their dogs.

Golden Retriever
An all-American breed that's among the most popular according to AKC registration statistics, Golden Retrievers are intelligent, hardworking and loving companions. Skilling in hunting, search and rescue, therapy and seeing-eye work, their patient and friendly personality is a naturally good fit for families. Who knows? You may even meet your ideal match while out volunteering with your Golden Retriever therapy dog, Peterson explained.

Keeshond via Shutterstock Keeshond
Outgoing and affectionate, the Keeshond is a medium-sized dog with expressive eyebrows and a striking coat that's a mixture of gray, black and cream, Peterson said. An energetic, quick learner, they require regular daily exercise and are friendly towards both dogs and other people.

Mixed Breed

Dog people can never get enough of debating what breeds of dog are in their one-of-a-kind mix, making mutts a perfect conversation starter for singles everywhere. Consider adopting a mixed breed of your own then continue to go back to your local shelter to volunteer-who knows who you'll meet!

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