12 Angry Cats

I love my cats, but sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on the fun activities dog owners get to enjoy – like Halloween costumes. Sure, cat owners can try to stuff their cats into clothing, but it's probably not going to go very well, and while exceptions do exist (my childhood best friend's portly Siamese, Thai, let us put him in a christening gown and swim goggles – more than once) (don't ask), the average feline will disappear under the nearest piece of heavy furniture at the mere mention of a hat or sweater.

So on the one hand, I admire the determination of the cat-costumers linked below. On the other hand, I have to wonder what happened right after the photos got snapped…and thank God that it isn't happening to me.

Without further ado, a dozen dressed-up cats who probably made their humans pay dearly…


  1. The pumpkin dunce cap. Because if there's anything a cat loves, it's having its ears squashed against its head while wearing an itchy bonnet.
  2. The Daniel Boone. The outfit itself is quite well done and cute; unfortunately, its creator is going to have some fringed edges of her own in 3…2…
  3. The shark. The cat in question may not actually mind wearing a short-sleeved fin sweater, because that breed gets cold easily, but she may not want anyone to see her in it. She looks pretty embarrassed in that third photo.
  4. The "Snooki goes to Tijuana." Either the photographer eased the sombrero onto the cat while he was asleep, or the cat is so depressed by the entire thing that he can't even keep his eyes open.
  5. The Pocahontas. Another triumph of craftsmanship, which, like the Boone rig, is destined to be shredded along with its architect. Look at the braid-tie detail! So clever. And so very doomed.
  6. The Napoleon. Aw. Waterloo, indeed.
  7. The Queen Anne…something? I don't even know what's going on here. Well, except that that cat is Over It.
  8. The elf. The fourth picture down says it all: "Don't…don't look at me. Just don't."
  9. The chicken. Note that the offended feline is backed into a corner.
  10. The Carlton from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Yeah, it's about to go down.
  11. The middle manager. I dig the tie -- for a human, for maybe that Diane Keaton mid-'70s look. Not for a cat, not with that shirt, and not at the cost of the cat's dignity. I'm surprised the seller doesn't include a pocket protector with the get-up. (Although the more I think about that, the more awesome it is.)
  12. The crustacean. Another super-cute outfit that will lead to nothing but heartbreak. I guarantee you that the cat was looking to the photographer's left at a door – and then vanished through it, not to be seen again for several days.