12 Awesome Celeb Pet Owners (And Their Pets!) for Responsible Pet Owner Month

February is Responsible Pet Owner Month, so here are 12 fabulous celeb pet owners. Meow!'

-Lucia Peters, BettyConfidential.com

Celeb pet ownersCeleb pet owners

Awards season, Black History Month, Valentine's Day, Heart Health Month… man, February is just chalk full of events, isn't it? So here's another one for you: It's Responsible Pet Owner Month! In honor of the occasion, we've rounded up 12 of our favorite celebrity pet owners and their furry (and feathered, and hooved) friends. Meow! Woof! Caw!

1. Ryan Gosling and George

Ryan GoslingRyan Gosling

Pop quiz: Who's the love of Ryan Gosling's life? No, it's not Eva Mendes-it's his big shaggy dog, George. We're tremendously impressed that Ryan can carry a pooch that big.

2. Courtney Cox and Harley

Courtney CoxCourtney Cox

Courtney Cox joined Twitter last week, and so far, she seems to be Tweeting mostly about her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Harley. To be fair, Harley is incredibly cute.

3. Ashley Judd and Rodesia

Ashley JuddAshley Judd

Ashley Judd became the godparent of an unusual pet in October: A Lippizan horse namedRodesia. Here they are laughing together in Goring, Austria.

4. Hugh Jackman and Peaches

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman

This little French bulldog became the source of many an "awwwww!" when pictures began surfacing of Hugh Jackman walking (and sometimes cuddling) her on the streets of New York. All together now: Awwwww!

5. Taylor Swift and Meredith

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Taylor Swift already has two Dobermans named Bug and Baby, but apparently that wasn't enough for her, animal lover that she is-- because in November, she added this adorable little kitten to her menagerie. Meredith, who is named for the character Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy, is a Scottish Fold cat, a rare breed that can cost up to a whopping $1,000.

6. Reese Witherspoon, Honky, and Tonky

Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon introduced her pet donkeys, Honky and Tonky, on Ellen back in December of 2010. She says they're really docile sweet, though unfortunately not everyone agrees; according to Us Weekly, they're a little loud for the neighbors' taste. However, given that Reese also has two pigs, three goats, 20 chickens, three dogs, and a horse, perhaps they shouldn't be so surprised that a couple of donkeys have been added to the mix.

7. The Obamas and Bo


Like a number of former First Families, the Obamas have a furry friend of their own romping around the White House with them: Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog. Fun fact: Malia has allergies, so Bo is a hypoallergenic pup. He also appears to like football.

8. Jake Gyllenhaal, Atticus, and Boo Radley

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal has two dogs: A German Shepherd named Atticus and a Puggle (part beagle, part pug) named Boo Radley-both named after To Kill a Mockingbird characters, which happens to be Jake's favorite book. We just like saying the word "Puggle." Puggle!

9. Elizabeth Hurley and Ping Pong

Elizabeth HurleyElizabeth Hurley

Rumor has it that Elizabeth Hurley's Blue Fronted Amazong parot Ping Pong has quite a foul mouth. Wonder where she picked up her questionable vocabulary…

10. William, Kate, and Their New Puppy

William and KateWilliam and Kate

Alas, we don't know the name of this adorable pup yet, but the little cocker spaniel had a blast romping around the beach with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge last week. There's nothing quite like the enthusiasm of a brand new puppy!

11. Charlize Theron, Blue, and Berkely

Charlize TheronCharlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a huge dog person. She used to have eight of them, but sadly, they all died over the course of the last couple of years. She went about a year unhappily pooch-free, it looks like she's starting up the pup collection again: She adopted two dogs, a pit bull named Blue and a Border-terrier named Berkeley. Woman's best friend, indeed!

12. Elle Macpherson and Her Bearded Dragon

Elle MacphersonElle Macpherson

That's right: Supermodel Elle Macpherson has a pet bearded dragon. Win.

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