12 Days of Pet-mas: Art and decor

When I say "pet-related art," what's the first thing you think of? It's "Dogs Playing Poker," isn't it? Of course it is. And that actually doesn't make a bad gag gift; it's also available in jigsaw-puzzle format ($14.99 from Newt's Games). Trivia alert: when you hear a reference to "the Coolidge Dogs" or "A Bold Bluff," that's the painting they mean. "A Bold Bluff" is the title and C.M. Coolidge is the artist. Thanks, internet!

But you can find slightly more up-market art and decor that celebrates the animals in your life without going too kitsch. "Maggie" and "Oatmeal," a Lab and a Cavachon respectively, are made of recycled newspaper "fur" and wooden eyes and noses ($198, Olive & Cocoa).

Can't spare the floor space? Pet blueprint wall art might be just the thing ($185, Uncommon Goods). It's got a vintage vibe; you can specify a dog OR cat breed -- or "American Mutt."

For the more budget-minded, consider a poster from Andy Warhol's "Cats" series. They start at $7.99 on AllPosters.com, and come in every possible color and size.

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