12 Days of Pet-mas: Cards and wrap

I struggle every year to find cool, chic holiday cards -- and not just cool and chic, but different from the ones I've sent in previous years. I can't really do those photo cards, either, because getting all three cats into a single photo is impossible, unless they're fighting, which goes against the whole peace-on-earth vibe of the season. 

You may have an amiable Retriever who's fine with wearing antlers for the Christmas photo; if not, try the rabbit cards from Ashley Q. Fine Stationery ($9, Felt & Wire). They're not particularly Noel-y, but they're elegant, and make great gifts for the rabbit-owners in your life. Or go with these "Santa's Little Helper" holiday cards from Rock Scissor Paper ($14), which feature a mod design aesthetic and a cute Boston Terrier.

And if, like me, you still really love Sanrio items even though you're about 145 years too old for them, xlalax's Etsy store has some super-cute Chococat holiday cards ($1.25 per).

You can also find cards from your favorite animal-related non-profits; the Marine Mammal Center has some cute ones ($12.95).

Looking for wrapping paper? Bas Bleu has gift wrap in two "flavors" -- sweater dogs, and vintage cats (sounds dowdy, but it's actually vintage-y and sweet) ($10.95 for three sheets).

Or make your own wrap using a stamp kit; Paper Source has lots of fun singles and sets, like this cat silhouette ($6.95).