12 Days of Pet-mas: Kid stuff

A quick internet search will turn up thousands upon thousands of animal slippers for kids -- dinosaurs, sharks, Nemo gear, and so on -- but if you want an almost scarily realistic pair of slippers representing your family's favorite dog breed, look no further than these Schnauzer slippers by Dambino ($23.59 on Amazon). The company makes several other breeds, like Shih Tzus and Dalmatians, and you can also get the Himalayan-cat slippers.

If you want something the younguns won't grow out of quite as fast, get them some animal art supplies. AlphaPets Origami ($12 at Uncommon Goods) is a board book and an origami manual, including instructions and pre-scored fold marks to make creating a paper zoo cinchy for little hands.

Little hands can also draw their own zoo with the animal crayons from Giggle.com ($7). They come in a cute bus-shaped box, and they're plastic, not wax, which makes for easier coloring (and less melting on hands).

What pet gifts are your kids begging for? Talk to us in the comments!