16 Signs You’re Obsessed with Your Dog

Check out the crazy, cute, and sometimes strange habits that only a true dog lover would understandCheck out the crazy, cute, and sometimes strange habits that only a true dog lover would understandThere are few bonds stronger than the one between a woman and her pup. And whether you show your love through handmade puppy treats or a day at the dog spa, we think it's totally acceptable to adore your mutt that much. Consider this the no-judgment zone when it comes to irrational pet-owner behavior.

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1. Your Pinterest board has more recipes for dog food than real food.

2. You've missed happy hour on more than one occasion because your dog was home alone.

3. Your friends know better than to set you up with a cat person.

4. Some people have baby pictures on their phones... you have dog pictures.

5. You dated someone with a pet allergy once. It didn't work out.

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6. You know your dog's birthday and of course you've thrown him a party.

7. You know exactly which Instagram filter your pooch looks best in.

8. You may not always eat organic, but your dog does.

9. When you feel guilty leaving them home alone, you at least leave Animal Planet on.

10. Fido made an appearance in your holiday card last year.

11. The latest workout craze you've tried: pet-friendly fitness classes.

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12. Your pup has at least one social media account along with plenty of devoted followers.

13. Your pooch's wardrobe rivals your own.

14. You splurged on a top-rated doggie daycare with Marriott-level amenities.

15. You've sewed together more ripped up toys than you care to admit.

16. You don't even mind that your dog takes up more of the bed than you do.

By Casey Green, Women's Health

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