2011 National Dog Show sneak preview: Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher certainly looks like a bred-down version of the Doberman Pinscher -- but it isn't one. It may share a common ancestor with the Dobie, the German Standard Pinscher, but the Miniature emerged in its own right centuries ago. The MP began in the Terrier Group when it first gained popularity in the U.S., but the AKC reclassified the breed as a Toy in 1930.

MC Wayne Ferguson mentions on the audio track that the Min Pin, as its fanciers know it, is a "surprisingly good" watchdog. The breed thinks it's much bigger than it is, and will greet intruders with a loud bark.

And what's going on with the gait? In other breeds, a high step like the Min Pin's might be classified as a fault, but it's typical of and looked for in this breed -- National Dog Show Presented by Purina co-host David Frei refers to it as "flashy front action" in the commentary from 2009's show.

Here's the 2011 "King of the Toys" in video from this year's Toy Group judging.

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