9 super sites about bunnies

Hop onto the computer (hee) and enjoy these online rabbitsDaily Bunny
Just what it sounds like: regularly updated with reader photos, bunny cams, and adoptable lop-eared friends. You fashionistas might enjoy the "Project Bunway" category; we just like the pun.

Sketchy Bunnies
In which children take part in a tradition treasured since time immemorial: bursting into tears when confronted with gigantic costume versions of legendary beings like Santa or the Easter Bunny. The site hasn't been updated in a while, so we encourage you to nag the publisher.

F*** Yeah Rabbits
Language aside, the blog is pretty sweet – lots of pics of cute rabbits, and hilarious bunny names galore. ("Bubba Fett," for one.)

Shine Food: Avoid common Easter-ham mistakes with an assist from Bon Appetit

Darling Bunnies
We'll say – and the photography is excellent on this rabbit Tumblr, too. We adore that snap of the pile of tiny white buns enjoying a sunbeam. Just like our cats, but so much less entitled and rude!

Fat Rabbits!
Pet obesity is a serious problem we don't wish to make light of. However, we must admit that, often, a fat pet is an extra-cute pet. And a pile of chubby baby bunnies WEARING SWEATERS? Girl, please.

Angry Bunny
They're bunnies, and they're annoyed – by Facebook statuses; that we don't give them coffee and chocolate on Easter, instead of carrots; that they didn't win the lottery.

Eddy & Rambo
Two very cute bunnies, and a human who stresses responsible rabbit care and ownership (and takes adorable pics of her pets wearing bandannas!).

The Book of Bunny Suicides
Another topic we obviously don't wish to make light of…but the methods chosen by Andy Riley's cartoon bunnies make us laugh in spite of ourselves. The CD-ROM drive? Really? Watch a handful of the pages in slideshow form, then buy the book.

Oolong the rabbit, named after the tea by his owner, passed away almost a decade ago – but in the early days of the internet, he was one of our favorite bookmarks and memes. Hironori Akutagawa, a photographer as well as a rabbit/surrealism enthusiast, carefully balanced all manner of items on Oolong's head, including tomatoes, mini-waffles, office supplies, small bunny figurines, and more. The world-wide web mourned Oolong's passing, but a new rabbit named Yuebing ("mooncake") took up Oolong's mantle. Much of the site is in Japanese, but clicking on any random link will bring you to a pleasing photo of a bunny playing in the snow, giving the camera the wicked side-eye, or tolerating a Twinkie on his folded ears.

Buzzfeed's bunny posts
Our favorites: Rabbit Herds Sheep, Bunny Hurdles, and Rabbit And Cat In Love.

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