Awkward Family Pet Photos

The brains behind Awkward Family Photos, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, have returned with a new book, Awkward Family Pet Photos. AFPP takes the concept to the next logical step: hilarious family portraits that include not only cats and dogs but iguanas, raccoons, goats on leashes, and the occasional unamused equine as pictured above. (Readers are assured in the intro that various pets and humans were not harmed in the snapping of these shots, so if you're worried about the aftermath of "Wild Horses," don't be -- everyone's fine. A little embarrassed, perhaps, but physically fine.)

The book also ports over the "Behind the Awkwardness" from the website, in which several of the featured subjects (attempt to) explain what was going on behind the scenes on photo day.

You always wonder, with a book like this, whether the magic will translate from blog to print. AFPP's absolutely does; I'm reading it on my Droid's Kindle, which made it a snap to show my sister-in-law why I was doubled over laughing.

See the AFPP spot on Good Morning America; visit the Awkward Family Pet Photos site; or click here to get your own copy of the book.