Beagle Survives 70-Foot Fall from Bridge

New Jersey Dog Jumps From Bridge, and Makes It to Shore

When Brandi, a 7-year-old Beagle, got away from her owner on a walk last week, she headed for the Burlington-Bristol Bridge, which conBrandi the Beagle survived a 70-foot jump from a New Jersey bridge.nects her home state of New Jersey with neighboring Pennsylvania. A police officer and a group of kids attempted to help her, but Brandi got scared and jumped over the side of the 70-foot suspension bridge. The officer was shocked when he looked down. "She was swimming and made it to the shoreline," he said. The Beagle fought the current and arrived on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River with just a few bruises. "There's nothing to be said other than it's a miracle," the dog's owner, Alexis Lorenz, told WPIX in New York. - Read it at the LA Times

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