Best and Worst Celebrity Pet Parents of 2013

Image: Chatterbusy via ChatterbusyBy Cheryl Lock |

Sometimes we just can't stop gushing over how pampered and wonderful certain celebrities treat their pets. Other celebrities, however, leave us wondering why they ever decided to take on the responsibility of owning a pet in the first place.

This year, there were plenty of celebs on both the good and bad side of pet parenting. Here's a list of the top celebs we thought did a great job this year - and those who look like good candidates for "most improved" in 2014.

Miranda Lambert - Good

There's loving animals - then there's Miranda Lambert. Never one to pass up an opportunity to rescue a furry friend in need, Lambert has at least eight rescue dogs at home.

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Amanda Bynes - Bad

With the problems Amanda Bynes has suffered through this year, taking care of her pet just doesn't appear to have been her top priority. Unfortunately her wild antics - like allegedly setting a fire a her driveway and getting gasoline her pup, then carrying the little dog into an 'Employees Only' area of a liquor store and rinsing her off in their sink (at least she did that much) - have put both her and her dog's health in danger. Bynes is reportedly getting the help she needs now … we can only hope the same is true for her dog.

Jon Stewart - Good

It's no secret that Stewart is an advocate of animal welfare - he already has two rescued Pit Bulls, and it appears he has now adopted a third, three-legged one.

Justin Bieber - Bad

Bieber loved his hamster, PAC, so much that he decided to hand him over - cage and all - to a random, unsuspecting fan in Atlanta last December. Perhaps the little guy was better off with his new owner, anyway, but PAC sadly passed away earlier this year.

Ian Somerhalder - Good

When Somerhalder rescued a pooch near the set of "Vampire Diaries," he had no idea she was pregnant. After discovering the dog was soon to become a mom, Somerhalder stayed with the pup throughout her birth.

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Young Calicoe - Bad

After bragging about his "grand champion" dogs and chickens used for fighting in a video he posted online, The Humane Society came and took the animals away from rapper, Calicoe.

Sarah Silverman - Good

Silverman obviously loved her rescue dog, Duck "Doug" Silverman, so much, she took time from her busy schedule to post a touching eulogy to her furry friend when he passed away earlier this year. We were holding back tears as we read about how Silverman held her pup close on his last day, telling him how much she loved him, and thanking him for all the happiness and companionship and love he had given her over the years.

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