Blind Dog and His Brother Find New Home

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Photo Credit: Operation Ava -- Jermaine, who helps his blind brother Jeffrey get around, naps with him a Philadelphia …Last week, we told you about 8-month-old puppies Jermaine and Jeffrey, who were found on the streets of Philadelphia. Jeffrey is blind and Jermaine has made himself his brother's guide dog.

After a photo of the two cuddling at naptime went viral, thousands of offers to adopt the pair poured in to the rescue group Operation Ava.

Today, the Pit Bull mixes will be headed home for the holidayswith Jonathan Hochman and Veronica McKee, who live in nearby Springfield, Pa. "I thought these are the cutest dogs I've ever seen," McKee said. "They're incredibly sweet, but they still have that sibling rivalry. There's this sharing thing. It's pretty funny … I have a feeling we're going to get as much out of it as they are." - Read it at Today

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