Bunny cams and doggie diets: Morning Zoo October 18 2011

The Morning Zoo's Rabbit Hypno-Ray compels you!

How to communicate effectively with your DVM over email (and when you should just pick up the phone instead). (The Bark)

Today's adoptable pet du jour is a Brittany named Snuggles, and her profile picture is cracking me up. "Hi. Hi. Hello. Hi. Snacks? What's up. Hi." (Adopt A Pet)

Beatrice, NE welcomes you! Your pot-bellied pigs, not so much. Alexis Winder gets to keep hers, but they can't stray within 50 feet of the property line. (The Beatrice Daily Sun)

Kiss today's productivity at work goodbye, rabbit fans (and fans of pets named after nineteenth-century engineers). His name is Roebling, and he's got a bunny-cam. (Brooklyn Bunny)

Dress your baby in a French-bulldog costume for Halloween; it's the best of both worlds! (Buzzfeed)

5 ways to avoid overindulging your pet (by which they must mean "your dog," because to put a cat on a diet, it is to laugh) (mirthlessly, despairingly) (oh God please stop meowing). (PetSugar)

Follow the Columbus Dog Connection's handy tutorial on making elevated pet beds. Great for cooling Fido down during summertime naps; also excellent gifts for friends and local shelters. In PDF or video format! (via Pet Project)

No, your pet is not the only one who trails you into the bathroom and stares at you with unsettling calm while you "see a man about a job." Doesn't make it any less creepy/annoying ("creepoying"? "anneepy"? we need a portmanteau word for that; get on it, friends), but at least you've got company. As it were. (The Daily Treat)