Can Man Win Back Ex With Kitty Memes? Probably!

Boyfriends take note: Photo by: via JimKid/ImgurThe classic box of chocolates and bouquet of roses to win over your ex-girlfriend is totally passé. Instead, a couple of online kitten pictures along with some hokey one-liners might just do the trick.

Imgur user JimKid put together seven cat memes on Monday in an effort to charm his ex-girlfriend. "After she broke up with me, I got carried away trying to get her back," he posted to his page on the online image hosting service. The pictures are mostly clips of pocket-sized kittens – a strategic move, for sure. The memes range from a kitty swaddled in a white blanket with "my heart aches when you’re not with me" written at the bottom, to a little orange tabby sporting a green beanie with the question "was I not cool enough?" floating above its head.

Take it from us, guys. Save yourself a trip to Godiva and a call to the florist and let technology do the talking. Nowadays it’s all about reviving your relationship with the power of memes … and kittens, of course. Another advantage? It’s digital, so you can reap all benefits of the cute cats without any allergy-provoking dandruff and fur.

Some Imgur users aren’t as imPhoto by: via JimKid/Imgurpressed. One person commented: “If I were her, this would only serve to freak me out.” Another added: "This is probably why she left you."

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing animal images used in an attempt to advance relationships. Earlier this week, a Reddit user posted a gallery of humorous memes to propose to his girlfriend. Lucky for him, she said yes. We reached out to JimKid to see if his creative and charming kitty picture series tugged at his ex’s heartstrings (and thus, could be deemed a success) and we haven’t heard back.

He’s got some tough critics out there, but we think this ploy was purrfect.