Cat Missing 13 Years Returned to Family

By Amy Sinatra Ayres |

Credit: KPBS -- Elizabeth Corso holds her long-lost pet, Bandit.

A 15-year-old cat who's spent most of his life missing has been reunited with his family in California. Bandit disappeared 13 years ago after a TV repairman left Dante and Elizabeth Corso's Las Vegas home. They searched all over the city for Bandit, with no luck. About 10 years later, they moved to San Diego. They were shocked to get a call last week from a Vegas veterinarian who said a man who rounded up feral cats had brought Bandit in, and they'd tracked the Corsos down using the feline's microchip. The first thing the next morning, the couple was on the road to Nevada to retrieve their kitty. "This cat here has an amazing story. Yeah, I wish I knew it," said Elizabeth Corso, according to NBC San Diego. "All of it - who he's [been] with, where he's been … he's a special one." - Watch it at San Diego's KPBS

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