All About Cats

A good cat can be a great pet. ALL ABOUT CATS
Cats can make great pets if you know how they roll. You just need to know about them [and their breed].

My cat's favorite foods are mostly fish, chicken, and milk [even though its bad for him]. Some foods that cats like are not always good for them: onions can make them very sick. Milk, although cats are seen drinking it in classic movies, can also make them sick. Plants, as my cat loves to eat anything green [catnip doesn't count], can also make them sick. But, if a cat has an upset stomach, let them eat certain plants to settle their tummy [but don't be surprised if they regurgitate it back up. It won't keep upsetting their stomachs as long as they haven't eaten a poisonous plant]. Chocolate is also bad for them.

Cats love feathers so much [just don't let them eat it]. They love playing with string, ribbon, and yarn. But, not all cats like to play with the same things. Some cats don't even like to play.

Different breeds have different behaviors.You can find out all of this information by looking it up. Learning these things are important because it is a guide to almost anything your cat will do. Good luck!