Chomp: Morning Zoo November 14 2011

ThinkstockA cat climbed a 40-foot cactus in the Arizona desert -- and, for obvious reasons, took its sweet time getting down. (Yahoo! News)

Celebrate the opening of Twilight: Scary Vampire Fetus tonight with some video of R. Pattz and his rescue dog. (People Pets)

And it's not a great idea to try to keep a bat as a pet -- but if you find one, here's how you can help it return to happy life. (Bat World)

Feeling snacky? Rescue Chocolates donates 100% of their proceeds to animal-rescue organizations -- and the candy is vegan! This month's beneficiary: Neighborhood Cats. (Staten Island Feral Initiative)

Is your dog a leaner? Dr. Patty Khuly explains why. (Vetstreet)

Today's adoptable pet du jour uses the force: he's a Brittany named Yoda, and if you live near West Creek, NJ, adopt him you should. (Petfinder)

If you've ever wondered what it's like for the sticks you throw for your dog, wonder no longer! An enterprising pet owner mounted a camera ON the stick. Let the chomping begin. (Daily What)

A St. Bernard saved his family from an intruder -- six hours after they adopted him! (Now he can be as naughty as he wants forever. Crafty!) (Animal Planet)

I missed Darren Naish's piece on military goats on Veterans Day, so here it is now. (Scientific American)

Bailey the bison: the world's largest pet? (Daily Tail)