Cool or Crazy? Cat Tunnel Sofa


Do you love your cat enough to choose a sofa that has his best interests at heart? Given that your frisky feline has likely left its mark on your existing seats through scratches and shedding, maybe a cat-centric couch actually makes sense. If so, it's time to get your paws on the Cat Tunnel Sofa.

Inspired by the pet-human relationship that already dictates so many aspects of our lives, Korean designer Seungji Mun created the seating apparatus -- which takes things one step further.

Feline scratching | Webvet

The Cat Tunnel Sofa's structure is based around a large bending tube for your cat or cats to play. There are cushions for seating as well, but it's the tube and it's multiple outlets that steal the show.

"Cat tunnel sofa is designed for a cat and the owner of the cat," Mun wrote on his website. "After analyzing and observing cats' habits and behaviors through experts' opinion and sufficient research, we designed the structure and shape of the sofa to be fully in harmony with."

Credit: Seungji Mun

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