Cross-eyed Cat Spangles Wins Hearts with His Crazy Costumes

Cross-eyed cat Spangles has become an internet sensation with his cool costumes. (Photo: Mary Buchanan/Faceboo …People love cute cat photos, but Spangles takes cute to the extreme. The cross-eyed kitty, who was caught glowering goofily in pirate hat, now has a huge following on Facebook, and is making waves across the Internet as well.

She first decided to dress him up when she came across a tiger costume at a pet store. "I saw the tiger hat in PetSmart and it was so cute," his owner, 25-year-old Mary Buchanan, told Yahoo! Shine in an interview. "I put it on him and he just looked so adorable. I wanted to show others how cute he is."

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"He was born on July 4. So I came up with his name, Spangles!" Buchanan posted on Spangles' Facebook page, where she also posts plenty of photos. The 3-year-old mixed-breed cat was born with his eyes crossed, Buchanan told Yahoo! Shine, but "He can see perfectly fine. He has been checked out by a vet."

Spangles lives in Spartanburg, S.C., with his human, his canine siblings (Jen Jen and Mojo), and his feline siblings (Sunshine, Snowball, and Georgina). "My pets are my kids," Buchanan says. "My mom asked when she was going to get grand kids one day and I pointed to the animals playing and and told her those were her grand kids!"

"Spangles loves snuggling with me and he plays at night," Buchanan adds. "I'm a night owl so he has adapted to my schedule." And he's plenty willing to don crazy costumes and pose for Buchanan's camera. At least, most of the time.

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"I once tried taking pictures in his unicorn outfit, and he wouldn't have it," she confessed to The Today Show. When he doesn't feel like dressing up, "He'll jump down and scoot across the floor."

"I do believe he likes his tiger hat the best," she added. "He's not fond of the full body costumes!"

He also gets into some normal cat-like trouble. One time, Buchanan says, she got up in the middle of the night and found him tangled in fishing line.

"On closer inspection he had a giant catfish hook caught in his left eye," she wrote on Wednesday. "I started to freak out and cry because I thought it was in his eyeball." A late-night trip to the vet and $350 later, Spangles was fine. "The hook totally missed his eye!" Buchanan wrote. "Can we say lucky kitty?"

Fans send Buchanan artwork featuring Spangle's sweet cross-eyed face, and his Facebook page has more than 9,200 "likes." It's easy to see why he makes people so happy.

"If I'm feeling down or depressed, I just look at him and start laughing," Buchanan told the Today show.  "He lifts people up and makes them feel good."