In This Day & Age Dog Beds Are Essential for Your Furry Friend

Cuddling your dog and then pushing him off the sofa to sleep on the cold, hardwood floor sends mixed messages to your furry best friend. Dogs want their own personal space to sleep, both for comfort and to feel more secure. With the benefits dog beds offer both you and your canine companion, it's become an essential item for any dog owner.

Dogs enjoy having a space all their own. It makes them feel protected and safe, and offers a retreat to go to when they feel tired or ill. It's about more than just your pet's happiness, however. It's also about his health. Floors offer little support for your dog while he sleeps and this can lead to pain and joint problems. As anyone who's ever slept on a thin mattress knows, good back support is crucial! As your dog ages, he'll find it harder and harder to sleep on the floor or in a corner and will try to find more comfortable spots to take a nap. Don't be surprised when you find your otherwise obedient dog curled up on your pillow.

If your pet is sick or has an injury, such as a hip problem or canine arthritis, dog beds are essential to provide comfort and to speed up the healing process. In winter this is particularly important. Your floors get cold and your dog will only feel worse after a long sleep on that chilly linoleum. Nice, soft dog beds offers insulation to keep him warm in the winter without overheating him in the summer. This lets your dog sleep longer too, so you'll cut down on the nights of interrupted sleep from a restless pet.

Of course, dog beds carry the added benefit of giving you peace of mind as well. Having a place of his own to curl up will deter your dog from sneaking a nap on your sofas, leaving behind fur and bits of dirt. Now all that stray fur and dander can land in his dog bed and off your furniture. Owners with easily aggravated allergies will appreciate keeping all that dog hair and dander in one easy-to-vacuum spot.

Recent studies have shown that while sleeping with your dog may be comforting, you're putting yourself at risk for a host of diseases and parasites. Keeping a dog bed in your room lets your pet sleep nearby so you can feel safe and secure without breathing in all those germs that even the cleanest dog inevitably picks up.

While the market is saturated with useless pet products your dog can get by without, a dog bed is not one of them. You'll both be happier and healthier when you make this addition to your home. Be sure to offer every dog his or her own dog bed. Though puppies may share with each other, adult dogs want a private space of their own. Pets are like your family members, and each member needs his own place to curl up and relax.

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