Dog Survives After Eating 16 Rocks

These rocks were retrieved from Gordon's stomach during surgery.Dogs eat plenty of strange things, but in this case, "just the sheer amount is what made this one different,'' said James Judge, spokesman for the BluePearl veterinary center in Minnesota.

That's where Gordon, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, underwent surgery when doctors discovered he'd swallowed nearly 2 pounds of rocks from his owners' backyard garden. On Tuesday night, his owners, who would like to remain anonymous, noticed that Gordon's stomach looked big. Then, after he passed a rock when he went to the bathroom, they headed to an emergency veterinary hospital on Wednesday morning.

He was referred to BluePearl, where the rocks were removed and where he spent Thursday recovering. "Gordon is doing great and is now back at home with his family,'' Judge said. "I talked to his owners, and they said I would have to ask Gordon why he would eat that when there's plenty of great food served every day." Judge said he believes the owners have hidden the rest of the rocks to help Gordon avoid any further temptation. - See Video at Read it at Today

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