Dramatic Puppy Rescue in San Francisco Bay

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

A puppy nicknamed Richard Parker was saved from the San Francisco Bay.On Monday evening, a group of windsurfers found a giant black puppy struggling far from shore in the San Francisco Bay.

Adam Cohen, who was boating home from San Francisco to Berkeley, saw the group with their sails down and motored over to see if they needed help. That's when he saw a puppy on one of the boards. "I can't figure out where she came from," said Cohen. "She was in the middle of nowhere."

Despite the wind and rough waters, the group managed to get the exhausted, shaking dog on board the boat to bring her to shore. Cohen brought the pup home and spent hours warming her up with his wife's help. They're still trying to find the owner of the dog, who they've nicknamed Richard Parker after the tiger on the boat in Life of Pi. But they're committed to ensuring she has a good home. - Watch it at NBC Bay Area

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