Eagle Steals Camera and Takes Selfies

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

Kimberley Land Council / AP -- A sea eagle in Australia snapped this picture of itself with a motion sensitive …When a motion sensor camera disappeared from a riverbank in Western Australia in May, where it had been set up to record crocodiles, park rangers assumed it had fallen into the water.

But when it turned up recently near the river about 70 miles away, camera footage revealed the culprit: an eagle. "A juvenile sea eagle came and took-off with it and made three [recordings of] 30 second footage," Roneil Skeen, one of the Gooniyandi Indigenous Rangers who set up the cameras, told the Australian Broadcasting Company.

The recordings show the bird snagging the camera and flying off with it, then later posing for selfies as it tries to figure out what it has found. "It was pretty cool," Skeen said, adding that the rangers will be securing the cameras to the ground from now on. - Read it and watch it from the AP via Fox News

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