New England Patriots Rally Their Animal Fans

By Shayna Meliker

The grand finale of football season is nearly upon us, and whether you're crying tears of sadness or tears of joy, you're going to love this Instagram hashtag. The New England Patriots are promoting the hashtag #patspets to bring together their four-legged fans before the team faces the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium on Sunday evening.

The feed is collecting some real gems: A dog cuddling with Patriots teddy bears, an adorable puppy sporting Pats collar tags, a cute cat using a Rob Gronkowski jersey as a blanket, an Italian Greyhound cheerleader, and a sleeping dog dreaming about a Tom Brady Super Bowl. Oh, and a bearded dragon with a fan cape. Yes, really.

Who are you and your pets rooting for this weekend? Let us know on the Crittr Facebook page!

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