Ever-faithful Cat Mourns Owner, Visits His Grave Every Day

Toldo, an Italian cat, brings his deceased owner gifts on a daily basis.Toldo, an Italian cat, brings his deceased owner gifts on a daily basis.If you're a pet person, you've likely lost at least one furry friend in your day. And coping with that loss can be tough.

For one cat, the same holds true. Surviving his owner and missing him terribly, the faithful feline visits his deceased owner's grave every day toting small gifts in hand.

I was pleased to hear that these gifts were things like leaves, twigs and paper towels. I was worried it was going to be something like mice or squirrels, which are kind of yucky gifts. While I was thinking how sweet Toldo was, it did occur to me that my husband, who has opposable thumbs, money, and doesn't have to travel anywhere to see me, neglects to bring me gifts every day. So essentially, my husband is being shown up by a cat.

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Even though people shoo Toldo away, he persists in his efforts, returning to the cemetery on a daily basis. Talk about commitment!

Although Toldo is known for his visits to his owner, who raised him as a kitten, he isn't the first cat to hang out in a cemetery.

The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a well-known magnet for cats, but there are others as well. Here are a few photos of them lingering about.

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos AiresRecoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

The cats at this cemetery are purportedly friendly. Rumor has it they are well-fed, but no one knows by whom.

Another Recoleta CatAnother Recoleta Cat

Turn out, even cemeteries have a seedier side. This cat is not hanging out in the nicer part of the cemetery!

Enjoying the serenityEnjoying the serenity

Although this cemetery doesn't seem so well-manicured, this cat seems unbothered by that while he peacefully suns himself.

Helping JesusHelping Jesus

This cat appears to be guarding the Jesus on a fallen crucifix headstone.

Guard CatGuard Cat

This cat sits calmly while he guards over his part of the cemetery.

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