Facebook Friends Save Jug-Head Dog

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Facebook came to the rescue of a stray dog who somehow got her head stuck in a jug. A Nashville woman named Beth Gresham spotted the pup in its unfortunate predicament -- but the animal ran away as the would-be rescuer approached. Luckily Beth was able to snap a picture of the dog -- which she posted on her animal rescue Facebook page -- and pleaded for the public's help to find and help the pup.

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Volunteer Jess McClain underscored the importance of a speedy rescue, telling local TV station WREG, "If someone tied you up and went to go beating you or attacking you, there is nothing you can do. Same thing with that dog: If another dog came up and attacked him, he can't do a thing - or eat or drink."

As news of the dog's predicament spread, volunteers scoured the area. A man named Chester Burns was responsible for her eventual apprehension -- after which the plastic jug was removed from her head.

MSNBC reported that the volunteers named the dog Miracle as a nod to the unlikely situation she managed to survive. "There was a little room so that she [got] air, but the hotter it got, the less oxygen she was going to get," Gresham told WREG.

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The rescuers also found a puppy in the same woods just days earlier, and both dogs have been taken to veterinarians and are now being cared for by volunteers.

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