Feng Shui Benefits for Pets

Yvonne PhillipsYvonne Phillips

Pets benefit from Feng Shui while increasing your positive chi! Since the times of ancient China, it's been long accepted that having pets increases positive chi and is channels through Feng Shui principals. However, many have wondered how to increase the flow of positive chi to their pets. A pet's inherent nature is to want to be with us; it's a natural synergy between people, pets, chi, and traditional Feng Shui principals that harmonize in our coexistence.

Avoiding clutter is key. Pets adore, welcome, and appreciate a clean open space. Chi will flow evenly to your pet and maintain the desire to share its space and energy with you. Avoid blocking sunlight. Pets flourish from sunlight and desire its uninterrupted flow of energy. In the case of cloudy or rainy days, a salt lamp can serve as a desirable substitute. With this in mind, it is an excellent idea to always incorporate a bowl of salt crystals into your pet's living space to aid in complementing the room's energy. If there is any question as to the Feng Shui placement of the salt, refer to a Bagua map www.creativecolordesigninc.com to assist you with the Feng Shui placements.

If your pet spends time outdoors, a fountain is very desirable. Avoid crystals in the water for this may stop your pet from drinking the energized waters. Instead, chose natural stones. Water walls, as well as floating spheres make for the best water fountains for your pets; they are inviting and comforting. If your pet is an indoors pet, the same principals apply. As a matter of fact, animals when left alone in the home, prefer the soothing sounds of water flowing as opposed to the strange voices emitted from televisions and radios. Thus, from the addition of flowing water, you will be creating and maintaining a relaxing indoor environment as well for both you and your pet.

Harmony, energy, and Feng Shui come together as no surprise… for pets as well as for their loving care givers.

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