Fiercely Fun-Size: The Smallest Dog in My World

Hey, look at me!Hey, look at me!When I was getting my MBA back in 2001, my husband and I had to live apart during the weekdays. We talked about getting a dog and all I wanted was a cute little fluff ball of husband wanted a German Shepherd. I think I may have won. To compromise, I named our new little pup "Diesel"...and it turned out to be so fitting.

I picked Diesel out of the litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies 11 years ago because he was the little runt, sitting in the corner struggling to stand. He was about the size of a mouse.

This little dog changed our lives. We joke that he's the most expensive dog per pound based on vet bills...which wasn't hard to tally based on his 2 pound weight. He wears a little cat collar with a bell so that no one steps on him, and we have to keep a constant watch over him so that a hawk or owl doesn't scoop him up for dinner. We once had a hawk with a 5 foot + wing span crash through a window in our house trying to get him.

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He hasn't been so great with kids...and he's a little fragile...but he's slowly taken to my 6-year-old daughter. The funniest part is that Diesel was supposed to be MY dog, but my husband Brett and him have the strongest bond. Diesel spends every morning and every night sitting on Brett's lap and races to the door when he hears his truck come up the driveway. Only when I was going through chemotherapy last year did Diesel decide that he would start sleeping with me for while.

As Diesel gets older it gets harder and harder to imagine life without this little 2 pound guy. I've been collecting clips of his little antics like how he hoards toys and trinkets under our bed and how he loves vegetables...or how he thinks he's so ferocious and attaches himself to the postman's leg. It's all compiled into a little digital short called: Though He May Be Little.

Hope you enjoy it! He may not be the smallest dog in the whole world, but he's the smallest dog in my world...

- By Ashley Hackshaw
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