First-day Westminster winners

Last night's winners in Group-judging action at Madison Square Garden, with their odds of winning Best In Show as calculated by Wynn Las Vegas's Johnny Avello:

Hound Group: Wire-Haired Dachshund (750-1)
Toy Group: Pekingese (6-1)
Non-Sporting Group: Dalmatian (100-1)
Herding Group: German Shepherd (22-1)

You can see the complete list of Avello's odds right here; watch behind-the-scenes stories from the show on Animal Nation; or spend the day watching breed judging via live streaming on the Westminster Kennel Club website.

The action resumes tonight at 8 PM ET on USA Network.

Shine Pets: 8 things we learned on the first day of Westminster

Facts and fun trivia gleaned from last night's USA Network/CNBC broadcasts:

Two dogs were called out for their cat-like qualities: the Basenji, which is "fastidious," and the Shiba Inu, which Voice of Westminster David Frei called "the cat in dog's clothing" -- they're very clean AND good at catching mice.

The Best of Breed Borzoi didn't place, but I don't think s/he minds -- after every show, s/he gets to go to McDonald's for a plain double cheeseburger and a vanilla cone. Aw.

The Otterhound, the Hound Group's only true water dog, has webbed feet.

"Dalmatian" is tough to spell, but with one of them in the Best In Show class, CNBC had better learn; one of their chyrons last night rendered it as "Dalmation."

Show dogs have long and complex names, but at home, their owners call them things like Trixie or Cash -- or, in the case of this year's Best of Breed Papillon, "Dave." Hee hee.

The largest dog in the Toy Group is the Pug.

Dog people can really commit to a specific breed; the Boston Terrier's handler had a tiny Boston Terrier tattooed on her calf -- right at eye level with her dog. 

David Frei mentioned, in his customary diplomatic but firm tone, that the Belgian Malinois is not advised for first-time dog owner.

Not sure which Corgi is which? The Cardigan is the one WITH the tail; the Pembroke is the one without the tail.

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