Foundlings: Morning Zoo October 27 2011

Via Twitter and @misc_mike comes a possible solution to your cat-related inadvertent-document-deletion problem: a decoy keyboard. Does it come with the warmth that seems to attract my felines? (Mike Smyth)

A dog interrupted a Copa Sudamericana futbol match earlier in the week. He just wanted to run around, and run around he did, eluding players and staff for several minutes. The wide shots really give you the full effect. (Deadspin)

The Champaign County (IL) Humane Society mulls a controversial adoption ban. (The Daily Illini)

Is dressing cats for seasonal holidays cruel? (The Calgary Herald)

Your adoptable pet du jour doesn't seem to think so; his name is Ace, and he's a kitten wearing a skull sweater. Squaw Valley, CA locals, check him out. (ASPCA)

You've heard about toilet-training cats; is it possible to toilet-train a dog? Elaine Hirsch claims it is. (FIDO Friendly)

With all the candy, decor, and carefully-sewn costumes around at this time of year, it's a great time to break your dog's chewing habit. (PetWave)

After going missing in August at JFK Airport, Jack The Cat has been found, and is doing just fine. (Petside)

And if your pet goes walkabout, the Lost Pet Atlas might help you reunite with your missing animal. (Lifehacker)