The Gift of a Dog! No, I Mean GOD Gave Us the Gift of Dogs!

This is my first Blog and it probably sounds pretty silly. However, I can't say enough about what a gift having a dog can bring to your life. It doesn't really matter what kind, how much it cost, what color it is or any of that stuff. It just matters that you love them as much as they love you. I truly believe if we could just take a few lessons our world would be a much better place to live. All they want is food, water, shelter and most of all LOVE. How many of us would be happy with those things if we thought about it. Also, how many of us could help give to others if we just tried. I watch the Animal channel on TV and see what cruel things people can do to dogs and other animals. I have to believe that there is surely something very wrong with their lives. No one with a normal heart could burn, cut or starve or do some of the awful things they do. It is up to the rest of us to try to help them as well as help the animals. There are many things you can do. Volunteer, donate or just be kinder to your fellow human being. Befriend a stray animal or make sure it gets to a shelter. I certainly don't do everything as good as I should however, I am trying harder everyday. I just hope that everybody has a wonderful and Blessed Day. Hug your pet today give them some of the love they ALWAYS give you. Make sure to smile at people this world just doesn't smile enough. It certainly isn't going to make things get worse and who knows it could help. Here are a couple of my babies Willie and Duecey.Willie No. 1 This is Duecey