Grab a Cold One with Man's Best Friend? New "Beer" for Dogs

Bowser BeerBowser BeerAt the end of a long day, who doesn't love to kick back with an ice-cold beer relish the simple things in life? Well, next time you grab yourself a good brew, get one for 4-legged best friend, too. Yes, you read that right. But before you report me to the animal authorities, check out this out: Bowser Beer, a new nonalcoholic, non-carbonated "beer" especially made for canines, so go ahead -- share a cold one with your pups.

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"People have an incredible emotional bond with their dogs, so it's just natural for people to want to include them and say, 'My dog can have a beer too,'" creator Jenny Brown told ABC News recently.

Jenny Brown created the product after customers, thrilled with the pretzels she had made for a farmer's market, asked her to make pretzels for dogs. When those were a hit, she thought to herself, "what goes better with pretzels than beer?"

Jenny and her family ended up brewing a beefy, malty, hops-free concoction in different recipes that three dogs tested out for her. One bowl was the clear winner and that became the basis of Bowser Beer. Bowser Beer, which now comes in chicken and beef flavors, also has glucosamine added for joint health.

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Ms. Brown, who recently moved her Three Busy Dogs business from Arizona to Seattle, is also seeing an uptick in sales to pubs. Allowing customers to bring their dogs to share a brewski gives pub owners a novel way to bring in new clientele.

Bowser Beer's website even allows customers to order beer with customized labels with their own pooch's photo on them. As a safety precaution, the bottles are made of plastic to eliminate the potential hazard of broken glass.

- By Joslyn Gray
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