Hats Off to You! 7 Hipster Pets Rockin' Fedoras

Hipster goldfish looks a little depressed. His hat, however, makes me happy.Hipster goldfish looks a little depressed. His hat, however, makes me happy.It's officially summer -- and that explicably means it's also time for hipsters to sport those little fedoras 'round the clock! I really don't get the look, because I'm not sure why anyone wants sweaty hat-head without the benefit of at least some decent sun protection -- but that's probably because I'm a mom.

Some people also love to dress up their pets in these vintage hats (don't ask me why), but the end result is pretty darn right cute.

Check out these 7 adorable photos of hipster pets rockin' fedoras:

Theater catTheater cat1. Theater Cat
This kitty is the fedora -- can't you just feel it?

Gangster BulldogGangster Bulldog2. Gangster Bulldog
This guy could have walked out of an old '50s movie! He totally fits the part...

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Teeny FedoraTeeny Fedora3. Teeny Fedora
You don't need a full-sized hat to get the hipster vibe going, and this kitty knows it.

Gentleman HipsterGentleman Hipster4. Gentleman Hipster
Love the feather detail on the hat and the bow-tie this cutie is wearing! It looks like he's waiting for his Lady Love or something!

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Happy hipsterHappy hipster5. Happy Hipster
This cat looks like he's loving his cute fedora and the hipster lifestyle that comes with it!

Moody pupMoody pup6. Moody Pup
Some pups like to hide under their stylish fedoras and put on a front-face to the world. This guy looks he doesn't want to talk to anyone...

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The bookwormThe bookworm7. The Bookworm
Woah, there! Check out those glasses and that outfit! This poodle has got got the ultimate hipster getup with its adorable fedora -- too cute!

- By Joslyn Gray
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