I Do: Morning Zoo October 24 2011

If you'd planned to dress your Corgi as Super Mario for Halloween, bad news: somebody beat you to it. Wario's probably still available, though. (Buzzfeed)

Did you miss NYC's Halloween costume parade for pets? Dig the highlights. (The canine Trader Joe's manager is my favorite.) (People Pets)

Is your cat a candidate for animal-assisted therapy? (Cat Channel)

Today's adoptable pet du jour is a "very mellow corn snake" named Red. If you live in the Huntingdon, PA area, check him/her out. (Adopt A Pet)

Joanne Manaster researches the secret to a successful cute-animal viral video. Adorable-sloth alert! (Scientific American)

Oskar the Blind Kitten enjoys his toys (and "enjoys" the hairdryer). (Pet Project)

Now you can play with shelter cats remotely. Pick one of three toys and control it with your, um, mouse to give these felines some exercise! (Michigan Humane Society)

Don't you just hate it when your Lab ruins your carefully orchestrated marriage proposal? At least this one's owners get to tease him about it on the internet. (The Daily Tail)