IM Sorry: Morning Zoo November 8 2011

Denver firefighters rescue a two-day-old puppy. Awwww. (Yahoo! News)

Martha Stewart's dog, G.K., catalogs his trip to the big show. (Martha Stewart)

It's Election Day; settle the "puppies vs. babies" cuteness debate once and for all. (Animal Planet)

And then there's Maude: today's adoptable pet is a basset hound from Las Vegas, NV. Six years old, housetrained, and looking for the love of a good human. (Petfinder)

"Louis vs. Rick: The Story of a Man Who Taught His Cat To Use Instant Messaging." (via The Hairpin)

Tumblr blog The Kitten Covers restyles classic rock LP covers with...vegetables! Just kidding. With kittens, obviously. The Velvet Underground version is brill. (via Petside)

You've heard about all the human foods your dog shouldn't eat -- here's a list of 10 human foods your dog can enjoy safely. (Paw Nation)

Vets who support Occupy Wall Street offer free pet check-ups once a week for 99% pets accompanying their owners to the protest. (Gothamist)