How to Keep Your Dog Fit in Winter

By Woman's Day Staff Keep your furball fit with these indoor activities and cold-weather tips.

The cold and snow can make exercising with your dog difficult, but it's far from impossible. To keep her in shape, try these creative solutions. Just don't forget to refill the water bowl. Dogs need to drink before, during and after any activity, even in winter. Photo by Getty Images.

1. Play indoor fetch.

Make it more challenging by throwing a tennis ball up the stairs
-your dog's legs will get a good workout. Plus, she'll love the extra playtime and attention.

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2. Build an obstacle course.
Arrange pet toys and soft, safe objects (like your couch cushions) throughout your living room for her to move around, scootch under or jump over. Encourage her to navigate through the course with a reward.

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3. Gear up!
You can go outside, as long as you're prepared. In snowy areas rock salt can hurt her paws, so wipe her feet with a warm washcloth after walks, or buy paw protectors (booties with Velcro straps) to be extra-safe. You may also want a dog sweater, coat or, if your pooch gets really cold, a warming product like Kumfy Tailz ($44; The mesh harness has an insulated thermal pocket into which you can insert a microwave-heated gel pack. It will keep her core warm for up to an hour.

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Grace Long, DVM, director, veterinary technical marketing, Nestlé Purina PetCare. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, Florida Veterinary Behavior Service.

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