Kevin Spacey Names His New Puppy for Boston

By Shayna Meliker

Kevin Spacey and BostonWe've loved seeing all the touching tributes to the city of Boston since the Marathon attack last month, and here's yet another to warm our hearts: Kevin Spacey's new puppy.

The House of Cards actor tweeted a photo over the weekend of his new little lady, adopted from the North Shore Animal League. "New member of my family. Her name is Boston in honor of the city," he added.

Spacey flew to Boston after the bombings to visit and pose for photos with doctors, nurses and the first responders who helped at the finish line. "Real heroes," he wrote.

Soon, Boston the puppy will join Spacey's other dog, Mini, who he said is "15 & still acting like a puppy. Be a week or so before she can meet Boston. I'm definitely in dog heaven!"

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