Kitten Rescued from 39-Foot Pipe

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

IFAW -- Eight-week-old Rapunzel was pulled from a 39-foot deep sewage pipe in Mexico.It was late at night when a woman named Cryss returned to her home in Mexico from vacation and heard the distinctive cries of a kitten. She couldn't see anything in the dark, but when she still heard the crying in the morning, she realized that the kitten had fallen 39 feet down a PVC pipe in her neighbor's backyard, into an underground sewage system.

Cryss called Erika Flores, a veterinarian with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and together with two other rescuers and three police officers, they used a whole roll of duct tape to connect 12 broomsticks together to try to reach the kitten. Each time the kitty grabbed hold of the device, though, she fell back down the long, narrow pipe.

It was a retired fisherman who lived across the street who ultimately saved the exhausted cat. He modified a fishing net and tied a cable to the broomstick, and after two tries, the 8-week-old kitten was finally pulled to freedom. The group aptly named the kitty Rapunzel, and now she has her fairy tale ending. After she recovered, IFAW partner Coco's Cat Rescue found her a forever home. - Read it from the IFAW

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