A Life Ends for Wallace the Pit Bull, but His Legacy Continues

Photo of Wallace shared on his Facebook page in his final days.Photo of Wallace shared on his Facebook page in his final days.By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell | Pet360.com

Sad news this past weekend for pittie and dog lovers everywhere.

Wallace the Pit Bull lost his fight with cancer on Friday at age 11. When he made his transition from this life, he was at home, surrounded by his family, including mom and dad, Roo and Clara Yori. Wallace was the first pit bull to ever win a national flying disc championship, was the subject of a bestselling book by reknown Sports Illustrated writer, Jim Gorant, and was the adopted brother of Hector the Pit Bull, one of the survivors of Michael Vick's fighting operation.

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When the Yoris adopted Wallace, they had no idea that the bundle of unbridled energy would not only go on to make sports history, but that he would also transform their lives and help change the hearts and minds of people who misunderstand pitties.

Roo Yori previously told me in an interview that they could see that Wallace needed an outlet for his energy. They also wanted to help change minds about pitties and so they tried different sports. When they found a flying disc competition, Roo knew right away that Wallace was a natural.

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In the midst of Wallace's sports days, they adopted a second pittie, Hector, when they read about some of the Vick dogs going up for adoption.

When Gorant interviewed the Yori family for his best selling book, "The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption" he realized there was another story in Wallace's journey with the Yoris.

"Wallace: The Underdog who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage and Championed Pit Bulls- One Flying Disc at a Time" was released last fall.

It was about that time that Wallace was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent surgery and treatment, but tests just last month showed the cancer was advancing.

Still, as they did throughout Wallace's life, the Yoris made sure Wallace's last months were full of life and accomplishments. They created a bucket list and periodically posted on his Facebook page (in his voice) of Wallace's bucket list adventures he was crossing off of his list, such as riding in a convertible with the top down and learning a new trick.

As the summer began to wane, however, "Wallace's" posts turned more toward his failing health. On Friday, "It's time.... I've given my life everything I have. I'm continuing to be strong because that's who I am, but Roo and Clara can tell that it's now time for me to rest. This time will come for all of us. We don't always have control over when it does, but we do have control over being satisfied at that moment knowing we gave it our best shot. Though my body will soon be gone, my hope is that you will continue to tell my story, so Wallace the Pit Bull lives on."

Wallace reminded his followers that there are many dogs just like him awaiting "furever" homes in shelters and asked them to remember that when they go to choose their next dog. "With that, I say good-bye. Try not to be sad. Instead celebrate my life. I do not need to live longer because I can die contentedly. That is something I wish for all living beings."

Goodbye, Wallace. I cry every time I read your last entry, not because I'm sad for the life you had, but because I know how much your mom and dad miss you now and how we'll all miss how you did so heroically champion pit bulls.

Roo is right when he posted on your page that you were a "game changer," and thanks to them, you will live on forever.

The Yoris are planning on continuing to raise funds in Wallace's name for shelter dogs. Follow his Facebook page on how you can help.

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