Miley or Selena: Who Has the Better Dog?


Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have a lot in common. They both rose to fame on the Disney Channel with their own shows, they both have famous boyfriends, their own albums, are considered teen icons -- and recently adopted puppies!

Everyone has their own opinions of whose star shines brighter, but what about their pups? Which is better?

Let's take a look:

: After some initial confusion, Miley revealed that her puppy (breed unknown) is called Ziggy. A fan tweeted that she was under the impression the pup was called Daisy Dukes, which Miley quickly corrected, writing: "Liam wanted to name her that! I said NOOO WAY." Okay, okay! Ziggy it is!

No drama surrounding Selena's name! Her husky mix is Baylor. Seems a little boring by comparison, right? We'll give the edge to Miley here.

: Miley presented boyfriend Liam Hemsworth with Ziggy the puppy for his birthday, while Selena and her beau Justin Bieber went in on their pooch Baylor together.

We're giving this one to Selena since it's not a great idea to surprise someone with
a pet as a gift: "When you're talking about acquiring a pet for someone who's not a part of your immediate family, it may not be a very fair gift to give," explained Adam Goldfarb, an issues specialist in the Companion Animals Department of The Humane Society of the United States. "There's so much responsibility that comes with caring for a pet during its lifetime. With a kitten, you're looking at up to a 20-year commitment, and a dog could live 15 years or more. Then, consider that the owner will spend thousands of dollars in food, toys and veterinarian bills and have to commit to the time and effort of caring for a pet. For instance, a dog needs training, socialization and at least two walks a day.''

: Tie! Both appear to have rescued dogs and provided them with loving homes. Everyone wins!


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