Occupy Furball Street: Morning Zoo October 19 2011

The Morning Zoo is pleased to inform you that it is totally possible for you to adopt a whale, even if you live in a studio apartment! Pick yourself out a nice big one, give it a name, and enjoy! (The Oceanic Society)

Has your dog started to look like a whale? We missed National Pet Obesity Awareness Day last week -- but you can still pick up tips on keeping your pup trim. (BlogHer's Pet Corner)

The figurative becomes literal with a new Tumblr called Fat Cats on Wall Street. We think it's pretty funny, but Cornel West is not having it.

Today's adoptable pet is a teenage gerbil named Mr. Belvedere. He's neither British nor terribly handy around the house...but he's pretty cute, and if you live in the Virginia Beach area, he could make a great pet for you. (Petfinder)

Check out these safe Halloween treats for cats and for dogs...but you may end up stealing the pumpkin treats. (ASPCA)

The "Beak-to-Beak Wars" game is a great way to pass the time, while also doubting your eyesight (is that mynah opening a Sprite?). (Bird Channel)

Go behind the scenes at Heathrow Airport's hidden zoo. (Metro.co.uk)

And remember: "The Championship will take place according to the Swiss Rabbit Hopping Regulations." If you missed the Open Rabbit Sport Tournament in August, take heart -- the Kanin Hop Europameisterschaft (i.e., "another rabbit-jumping contest") is coming up in just ten days! (Kanin Hop Schweiz)