A Party Dress to Make You Purr

By Kristen Seymour | December 30, 2013

Credit: AnthropologiePlanning to hit the town for New Year's Eve? This Panthere party dress from Anthropologie is just about perfect. With a ladylike fit and metallic panther print, it's sweet with just a little bit of attitude ... so, kind of like a few felines we know.

Aside from the fact that it's covered in cats (and you know how we feel about that), we love that it's flashy enough to wear with heels and flashy jewelry for a big night on the town, but it could also easily be dressed down with flats or boots to wear for a more casual encounter. After all, the more wear we get out of each item in our closet, the more money we have to spend on our furry friends!

Panthere Dress, $178 at Anthropologie

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