POP CULTURE PETS: Halloween Pet Costumes That Require No Work

Halloween is almost here! Have you not had time to shop for your pet's costume yet? Are you opposed to dressing him or her up for the holiday?

No worries! We're here to help. This Halloween, your pet can be one of year's most memorable pop culture icons with little to no effort -- or accessories.

Read on to find the costume that best suits your pet:

Charlie Sheen: Do they make pet-sized bowling shirts? Doesn't matter, he's not wearing those anymore! How about you just dress up as a blonde goddess and escort your naked pet around the neighborhood. That sounds more like 2011 Charlie!

Chris Christie: Is your pet fat and indecisive? Then this is the costume for him. People say they want him to go out and exercise, but he just can't decide if this is really the right time for it.

Scarlett Johansson: Gasp! Is your pet naked?? She must have been the victim of a phone-hacker who leaked nude pictures intended for a boyfriend. Naughty pet, naughty!


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