Pre-dressed pets: the Lab

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Naughtier yellow Labs can "dress" as Marley from Marley & Me; Michigan State grads can go with Zeke the Wonder Dog; or, if you feel really ambitious and also happen to own a Seal Point Siamese cat and an English bull terrier, you can recreate The Incredible Journey with your pets. (But not the part where you leave town and they travel the country to find you.)

Chocolate Labs can go as any candy treat you like: a Tootsie roll, a Hershey bar (or, for puppies, a Hershey!), or a brownie. Just don't feed them any of those things.

But black Labs get the scariest non-costume costume of all: Black Shuck, the devil dog of British legend. Read more about him here...and be grateful you live with the non-headless version.

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